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The Trucking industry beyond 2019

Trucking is known to be a branch of the automobile that has not been very radical in its adoption of technology and efficient management systems. But this is poised for a revolutionary turn this year as a lot is expected to happen technologically in the trucking and semi-trucking industry. Talk of automated highway systems using AI for flocking, electric semi-trucks, and predictive analytics. According to Fortune Magazine, an AI expert predicts 40% of both white and blue collar jobs worldwide will be lost in 15 years from now, including driving jobs. These far-reaching changes are not only relevant for truck fleet managers and drivers, but also very essential for semi-truck dealers.


For truck and semi-truck dealers, Internet of Things (IoT) is going to have a very positive effect on demand and supply assessment, fleet management, location tracking, and environment sensing. It is a system of interconnected devices, appliances, and vehicles communicating with one another. Such technological interventions will help in reducing the costs of personnel needed to man supply, customization and service jobs. Volvo, a well-known name in the automobile industry, is one such firm working towards reducing truck accidents and fuel consumption using platooning and related technologies.

Big Data

This aspect of data analysis combined with AI is mainly used for logistics and management in the trucking and trucking dealership industry. It is especially beneficial in planning for future supplies, generation of reports and business performance analysis.

Job loss worries

With all indications pointing towards the arrival of autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, drivers might get a little jittery about the security of their jobs. However, research shows that this is might not be the case since drivers do so many other important things apart from driving. Thought absolute autonomy cannot be ruled out, it is still going to be a real challenge to implement looking at the long and complex routes trucks have to cover for shipping logistics and the hurdles drivers encounter in transit. AVs are pragmatic for short drop-off points from where drivers can take over for longer and more complicated distances.

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